Episode 15 - Joe Puleo

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It took us two tries to get this episode up.  I recorded the first version with Joe in person.  For some reason the audio got screwed up and the sound skipped every couple of seconds.  It was a great conversation but ultimately unlistenable.  Version two was recorded over the phone; while we had no such glitches, we didn't have a great connection, and I'm going to blame Joe holding the phone too far away from his mouth for some of the inconsistent volume.  But again, we had a really fun conversation.

Joe is one of the most influential people in the last twenty years of my life.  I first met him while I was a medical student in the late '90s; his store, the Haddonfield Running Company, was like a second home to me in those days, and we've been good friends ever since.  Joe is an accomplished coach at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels; he's also an author and a lifelong learner.  A true renaissance man.  

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The occasion for this episode is the release of the second edition of Running Anatomy, which Joe co-authored with Patrick Milroy.  We spent some time talking about Joe's experience writing the book initially (8:00), what the impetus was for the second edition (11:15), the idea of functional versus general strength (17:20), why coaching remains such an important part of his life (26:15), his work with Jorge Maravilla (33:30), and why distance runners are such prolific drinkers (45:45)...and of course, Joe's Desert Island Picks (56:00).  Hope you enjoy this one despite the sound issues, it really is a worthwhile conversation.

Running Anatomy, Second Edition
Joe's old store, Haddonfield Running Company
Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Hopes and Fears, Keane
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

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Episode 14 - This Month in Ultrarunning with Phil Vondra

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Despite--or due to--engaging a bit too aggressively in the Avery Collins training plan, I had a blast recording the most recent installment of TMIU (a.k.a. FOR ULTRA GEEKS ONLY) with the Legend himself, Phil Vondra.  (I did need to edit out a three-minute spasm of giggles about 35 minutes in.)  We chatted about Phil's prep for Bighorn, the first of two 100s on the schedule for him this summer (4:20), before we discuss some recent race results (9:00), Mike Siudy's epic Catskill FKT (25:00), and the races and storylines we'll be keeping an eye on in the next few weeks (39:00).

Links:  Hudson Valley Brewery Empyrium
Burial Beer Company Gang of Blades
Zach Miller's recap of the IAU World Trail Championships
Mike Siudy's FKT report
Where is Harvey?

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Episode 13 - Exercise Science 101 with Dr. Jason Karp

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As we delve back into the science of running, we've noticed that there are a lot of terms and shorthand we use that may not be familiar to everyone out there.  Most of us have heard the terms "VO2 max" and "lactate threshold," but do we understand what those things really mean, or how they relate to our endurance pursuits?  For this episode we decided to get back to basics with one of the most knowledgeable exercise physiologists and running coaches in the country, Dr. Jason Karp.  Dr. Karp is the author of over 400 articles and eight books on running, and he is the perfect guest to help us develop a deeper understanding of the physiologic parameters that govern performance.

We start out by defining the major parameters: VO2max, lactate threshold, and running economy (9:30), and examine what these parameters actually mean for our physiology (17:00).  Then, we discuss the different types of training that we can use to target each of these parameters (19:00), before examining the utility of repeat physiologic testing (29:30) and how these parameters factor into the brain's regulation of performance (33:00).

Links:  Dr. Karp's website
Revolution Running

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Episode 12 - Ultrarunning Media and Bias with Rich Heffron

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We're getting back to the science stuff next week, but today we've got another episode for ultra geeks.  Spurred by Trail Runner magazine's recent profile on Coree Woltering, teammate Rich Heffron joins the show to discuss the current state of ultrarunning media.  We tackle the question of whether there is a West Coast bias in ultra coverage (7:00), whether media organizations in the sport have an obligation to cover certain events (26:00), why USATF championship races aren't a bigger deal (31:30), and the geographic distribution of Western States qualifiers (51:30).  We also name-check some non-West Coast ultrarunners who deserve more respect (55:35) before we get Rich's Desert Island Picks (1:03:50).

Links: Rich's MPF/RNR bio page

The aforementioned Coree Woltering profile in Trail Runner

My beer for the episode: Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA

Rich's Desert Island Picks: Currents by Tame impala, Why We Run by Bernd Heinrich, Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

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Episode 11 - This Month in Ultrarunning with Phil Vondra

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We're starting something new in the Pain Cave this week.  We love delving into the science of sport, but sometimes we just want to kick back with a couple of beers and be geeky ultra fans.  We're going to try to dedicate an episode each month to the stories and athletes making headlines in our sport, recapping the big races, examining the storylines that are intriguing us, and looking forward to upcoming races we're excited about.  For this project I've recruited my good friend, training partner, and beer aficionado Phil Vondra.

As this is the first one of these, we've got a lot of ground to cover.  We start by recapping the Golden Ticket season, including Lake Sonoma (4:30), some under-the-radar stories from the GT series (12:30), and the performances that surprised us the most (16:00).  After that, we discuss many of the biggest stories from the first few months of the season, including US runners dominating Tarawera (26:30), a disappointing Barkley Marathons (37:30), the "Kenyafornia" project (44:15), Camille Herron's early season (46:45), and some ultrarunners tackling a tough Boston Marathon (52:00), before we quickly preview some of the upcoming races we're excited about in the next month (54:45).

Links:  The beer we drank during this episode
Phil's guest post on my blog last year

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Episode 10 - Laura Kline

Laura at cayuga.jpg

We welcome back Unived and Altra athlete Laura Kline to the program in the wake of her runner-up performance at the national 50K championships.  Laura talks about her athletic background, how she got into ultras, recaps her recent race at Caumsett, and gives us the lowdown on how she succeeds as a vegan, gluten-free athlete.

Laura's website

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Episode 09 - Exploring the Limits of Endurance with Alex Hutchinson

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Author, physicist (?), journalist, and world-class miler Alex Hutchinson calls in from the Great White North to discuss his recently released book, Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.  We discuss the role the mind plays in endurance performance (2:30), the work of Tim Noakes and the various ways it informs our understanding of exercise physiology (10:15), why positive emotions enhance your performance (21:30), and techniques we can use to improve our mental outlook (28:30).  Plus, in a new segment, Alex tells us what he's bringing to a desert island (36:30).  This is one of the best books on running I've ever read; you don't want to miss the episode.  (And buy the book, it's awesome!)

alex hutchinson.jpeg

Alex's Website

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Episode 08 - Dr. Zubair Jafar on Sports Cardiology and the Athlete's Heart

jay Zubair computer_Jay Zubair computer.jpg

Dr. Zubair Jafar, the head of the Sports Cardiology program at the Heart Center, joins us in the Pain Cave to talk about the athlete's heart.  This is an important episode for anyone with cardiac concerns or risk factors, or anyone who is curious about safely beginning an exercise regimen.  We discuss the importance of exercise in maintaining good health, the benefits of hight-intensity training, some potential cardiac complications of long-term aerobic exercise, the utility of different cardiovascular tests, the need for cardiac screening, and the potential for performance improvement.  

Heart Center Sports Cardiology Program

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Episode 07 - Heat Training for the HURT 100 with Brian Oestrike

brian kali duane HURT.jpg

It's a bit early to start repeating guests, but we couldn't ignore the performance of our inaugural guest, Brian Oestrike, at the famous HURT 100 mile earlier this month.  Brian sits down with a couple of awesome double IPAs to discuss how he prepared for a race in Hawaii while training in New York in December, what separates HURT from some of the other legendary trail 100s, his early-race mental struggles, the differences between multi-loop and point-to-point races, and more. 

If you haven't already, make sure to go back to episode 01 for lots of fun stuff with Brian, including the Bighorn 100, mountaineering/ultrarunning crossover, altitude training, and lots more beer talk.


Brian's heat adaptation protocol

Brian's business, Hypoxico

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Episode 06 - Debating the UROY Ballot with Laura Kline

laura profle.jpg

In our year-end, non-science-related episode, we delve into the ballot for Ultrarunner of the Year.  I welcome in my good friend Laura Kline to debate who should make the mens' and womens' top 10 ultrarunners of the year, and the five best male and female performances of the year.  We also discuss whether DNFs should count more than DNSs, why we grade certain runners on a curve, the importance of big international races, and our toughest omissions.

Thanks to Ultrarunning magazine for sponsoring this episode.

Links: Laura's webpage

Ultrarunning Magazine

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Episode 05 - Playing the Mental Game with Courtney Edwards

courtney running.jpg

Counselor, lecturer, mom, and runner Courtney Edwards visits the Pain Cave to address the mental side of the sport...but maybe not in the way you've heard it before.  We cover a lot of ground: the emotional benefits of running and exercise, the biochemical basis behind these emotions, addictive behaviors, eating disorders, the impact of running on psychology, mindfulness and gratitude, how to tackle periods of low motivation, and the pros and cons of goal setting.

Link: Courtney's awesome blog

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Episode 04 - Dr. Artie Smith

artie with womens team.jpg

I go back to my Ithaca roots for a conversation with my old Cornell teammate, Artie Smith, recently named the Alan B. '53 and Elizabeth Heekin Harris Head Coach of Women's Track and Field/Cross Country at our alma mater.  We reminisce a bit about our days as students on the Hill, the history of the Cornell track program, the differences between coaching men and women, and some of the health challenges that can affect young female endurance athletes.  Hopefully people who didn't happen to run track for the Big Red can enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Link: Cornell Track and Field

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Episode 03 - Ian Golden

ian and family.jpg

Ithaca's Ian Golden sits down to talk about his run for US Congress in NY District 23.  We chat about the running specialty industry (6:00), race directing (9:00), and PEDs (18:00), before Ian fills us in on why he chose to run for Congress (21:25), stepping into politics for the first time (25:00), his unusual campaign tour (26:00), the basics of his platform (27:50), and the need for compromise in this era of polarization and division (31:15).


Finger Lakes Running Company

Red Newt Racing

Golden for Congress

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Episode 02 - Understanding Pain with Greg Cecere

greg cecere.jpg

Physical therapist Greg Cecere joins the show to deconstruct how we experience pain.  We talk about his background (1:30) before delving into what it means when we feel pain (7:30), the anatomy of the nervous system experience of pain and response to injury (14:00), chronic vs. acute injuries (20:00), the neurologic basis behind chronic injury (23:45), and how our understanding of pain can help us approach treating and recovering from injury (28:00).  We also briefly discuss dry needling and acupuncture (34:45).

Greg's website, Momentum Physical Therapy

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Episode 01 - Bighorn, Mountaineering, Altitude Training, and Beer with Brian Oestrike

oestrike beefcake.jpg

We sit down with Brian Oestrike to recap his amazing performance at the Bighorn 100 (2:30) before discussing his background in mountaineering (22:00), why many ultrarunners become mountain climbers (and vice versa) (26:30), the crazy nature of this year's men's race at Hardrock (32:30), Killian's exploits on Everest (37:30), altitude tents (45:00), and his brother's awesome brewery (56:15).

Jackie O's Brewery

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