Episode 15 - Joe Puleo

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It took us two tries to get this episode up.  I recorded the first version with Joe in person.  For some reason the audio got screwed up and the sound skipped every couple of seconds.  It was a great conversation but ultimately unlistenable.  Version two was recorded over the phone; while we had no such glitches, we didn't have a great connection, and I'm going to blame Joe holding the phone too far away from his mouth for some of the inconsistent volume.  But again, we had a really fun conversation.

Joe is one of the most influential people in the last twenty years of my life.  I first met him while I was a medical student in the late '90s; his store, the Haddonfield Running Company, was like a second home to me in those days, and we've been good friends ever since.  Joe is an accomplished coach at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels; he's also an author and a lifelong learner.  A true renaissance man.  

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The occasion for this episode is the release of the second edition of Running Anatomy, which Joe co-authored with Patrick Milroy.  We spent some time talking about Joe's experience writing the book initially (8:00), what the impetus was for the second edition (11:15), the idea of functional versus general strength (17:20), why coaching remains such an important part of his life (26:15), his work with Jorge Maravilla (33:30), and why distance runners are such prolific drinkers (45:45)...and of course, Joe's Desert Island Picks (56:00).  Hope you enjoy this one despite the sound issues, it really is a worthwhile conversation.

Running Anatomy, Second Edition
Joe's old store, Haddonfield Running Company
Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Hopes and Fears, Keane
21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Intro: "What We Need" by Bannister Effect
Outtro: "Flaw in My Design" by Bannister Effect