Episode 40 - ReWiring the Brain with Sun Sachs and Laura Kline


We’ve talked a lot on the show about the role that the brain plays in determining performance in endurance events, but we haven’t talked so much about how we can actually modify the brain’s response to physical stress in order to improve our performance. In part, that’s because this is a very difficult thing to practically address. Sun Sachs is here to change that. Sun is the co-founder of ReWire Cycling, a tech startup that is aiming to bring “brain training” to the endurance sport masses. Sun joined us in the Pain Cave last month to talk about how is background in cycling helped develop his interest in the mental side of the sport, the work of Samuel Marcora, the lowdown on “response inhibition training” and how he and his partner developed the app that may change how we view mental training for endurance athletes. Then, we welcomed back the great Laura Kline (32:30) to talk about her experience as a beta tester for the app, the changes she’s noticed in her performance, and more.

ReWire Cycling just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help secure funding for mass production of the app and the device we talked about here. If this campaign is successful, we may see this come to market in early 2020. Check out the links below and consider supporting them!

Our interview with Alex Hutchinson, where we talked a bunch about Marcora and brain training (and Alex’s excellent book)
ReWire Cycling
The Kickstarter campaign
Laura’s website and her blog post from her most recent race, where she says she drew on the mental training she’d practiced with the app
Our last interview with Laura

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Outro music: "When I Was Still Young" by Yard Sale