Episode 37 - A Conversation with Sherpa John Lacroix

sherpa john hug.jpg

As an athlete, filmmaker, and a race director, Sherpa John Lacroix is a seminal figure in the modern version of the sport of ultrarunning—and one who’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers either. We caught up with Sherpa John for a fun conversation about his roots in hiking and backpacking (1:30), how he cut his teeth in race directing and may have semi-accidentally started the OCR craze (7:05), his current race series (29:00), ultrarunning as therapy (31:45), commercialization in the sport, his favorite races, and more.

48, Sherpa John’s film about peak bagging in the White Mountains
Human Potential Running Series
The Burro Racing World Championships
Desert Island Picks: Forest and Crag by Laura and Guy Waterman, the Lumineers, Odell Brewing 90 Shilling

Intro music: "Fine Line" by the Bloodletters
Outro music: "When I Was Still Young" by Yard Sale