Episode 19 - Overcoming Injuries with Heidi Armstrong


Look, if we do these things for long enough, eventually we're likely to get injured.  And those of us who have been there know the truth: just like training and racing, recovering from an injury is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one.  In this episode we chat with former elite mountain biker and injury recovery specialist Heidi Armstrong, founder of The Injured Athlete's Toolbox, to learn how to deal with and overcome injuries.  We talked about Heidi's athletic background and how she developed an interest in recovery (1:30), the terms athletes use to describe how being injured makes us feel (9:30), the role social media can play in recovery (18:00), how an injured athlete can move towards acceptance and recovery (20:10), and how to recognize when we need help dealing with our injuries (32:55).  If you're injured, or have been injured, or will get injured (hint: that's all of us!), this is a good listen.

The Injured Athlete's Toolbox
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