Exercise Testing and Coaching Services

Are you ready to take your training and performance to the next level?  We offer cardiopulmonary exercise testing and private coaching services to help you reach your athletic potential.

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What is Cardiopulmonary Exercise testing (CPET)?

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing has applications for the serious athlete, those with cardiac and/or pulmonary limitations to exercise, and for the general population at large.  We can use CPET in the clinical setting to identify the factors that might limit a patient’s exercise tolerance, to assess recovery and response to rehab protocol in post-cardiac patients, and as an indicator of general health and fitness.  However, the most common utility of CPET is the role it plays in the assessment and monitoring for competitive athletes, particularly (but not limited to) those engaging in endurance sports.  There are many parameters that can be assessed by CPET; measuring these parameters can help coaches develop and modify training plans to address weaknesses and optimize performance.

What does cpet measure?

  • VO2max: oxygen uptake, or the amount of oxygen utilized, at maximum effort.  This is an important indicator of fitness and, to a certain extent, of athletic potential.
  • Lactate threshold (LT): the intensity of exercise at which the body’s production of lactate exceeds the ability to metabolize or clear that lactate, leading to lactate accumulation and fatigue.  Accurate identification of the LT is crucial to developing a training plan that can target improving LT and thus resistance to fatigue.
  • Respiratory exchange ratio (RER): ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide produced and oxygen consumed during exercise.  This indicates what substrates (carbohydrate vs. fat) are being utilized at various intensities, and can help athletes modify their diet to achieve more efficient nutritional balance.
  • Economy (RE): uptake of oxygen by muscle tissue when exercising at a sustained, non-maximal intensity. This represents the energy cost of sustained exertion; the more efficient athlete can exercise longer at a higher intensity relative to her maximum capacity.

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private coaching

Wondering what to do with the results of your CPET?  Need help developing a training plan to achieve your next big goal?  We can help.  Our coaching services begin with stride and gait analysis, and a dynamic postural assessment to identify muscle imbalances that can lead to injury.  Then, we design a plan that includes various types of workouts, including strength, flexibility, and core training, that are tailored to your individual needs and goals.  We'll check in with weekly e-mails to make sure your needs are met.